KCRW Broadcast 410

Fanatic! I hope that if you were in the Los Angeles area last week, you were able to check out one of the Melvins/Sleep shows at the Fonda. So great.

If you check out our tracks below, Fanatic, you will see some new bands. When I was in Australia last year, I picked up a lot of records, not all of them from Australia. One of them was the Glomb album by Mosquito Ego. I was listening to it last week and really liked it, so I put a track into our show. If you like it, the rest of the record is as good.

Asa from Lungfish has been making records under the handle Zomes for quite awhile and they are very cool but on his last album Near Unison, he changed things up and brought in Hanna Olivegren for vocals, keyboard and bass. The results are really good. I thought you would like to hear a track from it. I have had this record for awhile but have not heard it in at least a year.

I got the Cold Meat single in Australia last year, I am guessing from Richie at Strangeworld in Melbourne. Great record.

Way down at the end of the show, we listen to Grouper, aka Liz Harris. I don’t think we have ever played her on the show before. I don’t know why. Her records are really good. I have vinyl of her stuff but not much on digital. I will work on that to get more tracks to you.

It’s a good show all the way through and I hope you will enjoy listening to it at least a few times. No green card needed.

Play a lot of music and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Public Enemy - Dark Side Of The Wall: 2000 / There’s a Poison Goin’ On
02. Mosquito Ego - Bad Medication / Glomb
03. Zomes - Se Genom Tiden / Near Unison
04. Cold Meat - Praying to the Gaps / Jimmy’s Lipstick
05. Derek and Clive – Street Music / Ad Nauseam
06. The Blind Shake – Anaerobic / Key to a False Door
07. Farflung - Stella Volo / A Wound in Eternity
08. CFM - Diluted Dreams and Land Mines w: Intro / single
09. Public Image Ltd. – Poptones (Peel Session 12-17-79) / Metal Box reissue
10. Dillinger - Ital Fighting / Bionic Dread
11. Omar Souleyman - Dabke 2001 / Highway to Hassake
12. The Weirdos - Fort USA / Destroy All Music
13. White Fence - Destroy Everything / White Fence
14. Ty Segall – Papers / S/T
15. The Damned – Politics / Music for Pleasure
16. Julee Cruise - The World Spins / Floating Into the Night

Hour 2
01. The Cramps - Mad Daddy (Ohio 1979) / Cramps Demos
02. Buzzcocks - Time’s Up / Time’s Up
03. Kim Salmon & Spencer P Jones - A Bitter Projection / Runaways
04. The Once & Future Band - Magnetic Memory / The Once & Future Band
05. Male Gaze - Lesser Demons / King Leer
06. The Minutemen - Case Closed / Bean Spill EP
07. Lightnin’ Hopkins - Big Mama Jump / Complete Goldstar Sessions
08. Johnny & the Hurricanes - Red River Rock / Instrumental Oldies
09. The Ramones - Time Bomb / Subterranean Jungle
10. Martin Rev - Search For Stone / To Live
11. Die Cheerleader - Remember Zelda / Son of Filth
12. Hisato Higuchi - Ikutsumono Heya / Bara Bara Na Bamen
13. The UK Subs - I Couldn’t Be You / Another Kind of Blues
14. The Meatbodies - Count Your Fears / Alice
15. Litanic Mask – Executive / Litanic Mask
16. Grouper - Quiet Eyes / Ambient Not Ambient