KCRW Broadcast 413

Fanatic! What a show we have for you. A lot of new bands in our second hour. As I am writing this, I am listening to Negative Growth by Ex-Cult. I think it might have overtaken Midnight Passenger as my favorite album of theirs. We have played tracks from Negative Growth before but to really get it, you need to hear the record all the way through.

Anyway, our show. We have been given the all clear to play any tracks we want from the new Crystal Fairy album and we will be using that to its fullest extent. Not a bad track on that one.

If you notice in our second hour, we have a lot of bands and artists that we have never had on the show before. I just got these records, so I am not at all able to tell you much about any of it, besides what I’ve heard so far is really cool. I will get into it as the days go on and hopefully have more information when we play them next.

I hope you dig the shows and that you are getting some listening in. I am turning in pretty good numbers, averaging about five records a day as I slowly bore through tonnage. It’s a great chore.

Now listening to the Alice album by Meatbodies, another great one!

Get your listening going and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

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Instagram: HenryandHeidi

Hour 1
01. Crystal Fairy – Chiseler / Crystal Fairy
02. Sinn Sisamouth - Navy a Go Go / Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten
03. Mosquito Ego - Local Zero / Glomb
04. Zomes - Mushroom In The Mirror / Near Unison
05. Astral Skulls – Landing / Contact-Light
06. Jack Name - Sound Was the Castle / Light Show
07. The Stooges - Gimme Danger / Music From The Motion Picture “Gimme Danger”
08. David Bowie - Queen Bitch / Bowie at the Beeb
09. Ty Segall - The Only One / S/T
10. Gary Wilson - Our Last Date / Mary Had Brown Hair
11. The Ruts - In a Rut / Peel Sessions
12. The Damned - Born to Kill / Damned Damned Damned
13. King Tubby - The Champion Version / Dub Gone Crazy
14. The Ramones - All’s Quiet On The Eastern Front / Pleasant Dreams
15. Tom Waits - Such A Scream / Bone Machine
16. Wire – Fragile / Pink Flag
17. Bootsy Collins – Bootzilla / Live in Louisville 1978

Hour 2
01. The Four Plugs - Biking Girl / single
02. The Hits - G-Banger / Hikikikomori
03. Spectres – Neck / Condition
04. The KVB - Night Games / …Of Desire
05. Pow! - Switchboard Scientist-Tech Boom
06. Deerhoof - Kafe Mania! / The Magic
07. The Adverts - Back from the Dead / Singles Collection
08. Dog Chocolate - Plastic Canoe / Snake Fans
09. Rattle - On Balance / Rattle
10. Zond – Six / Zond
11. Robert Bensick Band – Muse / French Pictures in London
12. Tyvek - Tip To Tail / Origin of What
13. Winternationale – Shadows / single
14. Hisato Higuchi – Dawn / Butterfly Horse Street
15. Motörhead – Electricity / Bad Magic
16. Cold Meat - Au Naturel / Jimmy’s Lipstick
17. Grouper - Stuck / Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill