KCRW Broadcast 42



It’s been awhile, I know but tonight we are back with you live! I am writing to you from freezing Beijing China. I am living a few blocks from Tiananmen Square. It’s a massive thing, that square. I have been going to it every day at sundown to check out the guards, the people and the overall until I go into a state of hypothermia and head back to my room. It’s going to be a long flight back to the USA. If all goes according to plan, I should be landing a few hours before we go live. I should be able to make some sense, at least the music will be good.


The first eight tracks of our show tonight are from bands and artists that my old pal Joe Cole liked. Joe Cole was killed in the early hours of 12-19-91 and to pay some respect to the man, we will check out some jams that were near and dear to his heart. He was a good guy and didn’t deserve what he got.


Thanks to Dan Trice with the heads up on all things Fall, I was able to secure the band’s new single and tonight we unleash one of the tracks. I think the single is good but not overwhelmingly good. Mr. Trice says that recent live Fall recordings have new songs that show a lot of promise. Hopefully next year, we get a new Fall album and those Beggars Banquet remasters that they have been delaying.


If you liked the Guyer’s Connection track, here’s where you can get the whole album: http://mutant-sounds.blogspot.com/2007/11/guyers-connection-st-lp-2005-recorded.html. I think you will like the track by Karmic Sulpher, yes, apparently, that’s how they spell it. This is a track that I got from a guy in Kandy, Sri Lanka. I will hit a record store in Beijing tomorrow, I don’t have high hopes for it. I cased it quickly earlier and it seemed very mainstream but I will check it out. Tonight’s Vox Pop track is a monster. If I can remember, I will tell you a quick story about it when we are all together on the radio. I don’t know if we have ever played Nick Drake on our show. No disrespect intended, just never got to it. I have had those records for some time, great stuff. The Floor track will floor you. Thanks to Engineer X for that one. I know many of you Fanatics are Johnny Hartman fans so we put some JH into the mix, very tempting to put Coltrane’s version on right after but I reckoned that might be a whole lotta Nature Boy and you have to admit, Mr. Hartman holds it down magnificently. Oh! Tonight we jam a track from a mix CD a guy named Omar gave me in Riyadh several weeks ago. I forget what he said the guy and the gal were saying to each other but I think it was very naughty. The track sits very well with our amazing Metalux track. I have not listened to them in awhile, what a band! One of the many that Engineer X turned me onto since we began our Sonic Jihad years ago.


For next week, I will take advantage of all the music that has come into the office in my absence. Heidi May The Demon‰ has written me letters to me saying there is a rather large pile of incoming jams that have accumulated in the office. I always tell her that I have a radio show and have to keep that furnace stoked. That only seems to make her more angry. I will try and get a ton of it happening for next Saturday so our show will be as divergent and bizarre as possible.


I have a lot to do and not many days to do it in but I will make sure that next week, our show will be a knock out.


I will be at Brave New Films on Monday evening. Here’s the letter that went out from them:


Fresh from his travels in the East (Middle and beyond), Henry Rollins - punk icon / spoken word artist / writer / actor / talk-show host / hyperkinetic provocateur and all-around Renaissance man - will visit us for a Brave New Conversation with producer Christopher Sprinkle. As a Brave New Foundation supporter, you're invited to attend the live taping!





WHO & WHAT: A Brave New Conversation with Henry Rollins


WHEN: Monday, December 21st 2009 at 6:30pm


WHERE: 10536 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232. Please enter through the gate behind the building.



I don’t know exactly how one gets access to this thing. Here’s an e-mail address if you want to ask what the availability is: info@bravenewfoundation.org


I don’t know what the hassle factor will be for me getting back into USA. It’s not always an easy re-entry for me and sometimes I am taken to the room and asked questions. To be honest, I dig the confrontation but am hoping for a drama-free return. We are but hours away from the live experience! Until that time, STAY FANATIC!!! 




E-Mail address for Henry: HenryOnTheRadio@AOL.com



01. Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) Electric Ladyland    

02. Miles Davis – Double Image / The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions

03. Butthole Surfers - Kuntz / Locust Abortion Technician    

04. Devo - Space Girl Blues / Hardcore Devo Volume 1    

05. Black Flag - American Waste / The First Four Years    

06. Swans - Clay Man / Cop

07. Mississippi Fred McDowell - Been Drinkin' Water Out Of A Hollow Log / Roots of the Blues

08. The Stooges - I Got A Right Take 2 / I Got A Right (EP)

09. The Fall - Hot Cake Part 2  / Slippy Floor

10. Wolf Eyes - Track 06 / Asylum Style 10 / CD #01

11. King Tubby & Prince Jammy - Dub Of Rights / Dub Gone 2 Crazy

12. Thin Lizzy - Got To Give It Up / Black Rose

13. Guyer's Connection - La Transformation / Portraits

14. Karmic Sulpher – Morphine / MP3

15. Sun Ra - The Ridiculous "I" And The Cosmos "Me" / The Antique Blacks

16. Vox Pop - Cab Driver / single

17. Nick Drake - Road / Pink Moon

18. The Wall - Exchange / Small Wonder : Vol. 1 - Punk Singles Collection      

19. Floor - In A Day / Dove LP

20. The Door And The Window - Detailed Twang / Detailed Twang

21. Johnny Hartman - Nature Boy / For Trane

22. Various Artists - Track 03  / Mix CDR

23. Metalux - That Cone / Victim Of Space

24. Mighty Sparrow - Sailor Man / First Flight

25. Metal Urbain - Tango Sudiste / Anarchy In Paris!          

26. These Are Powers - Glass Blocks / All Aboard Future    

27. Honest Marquee – Diamond / Charm