KCRW Broadcast 466

Fanatic! I’m in the back of a van, about an hour out of Moonie, Australia. I’ve been in the country for about a week and a half now. One of the highpoints of the last few days was in Castlemaine, I think it was. I met Leon Stackpole of the Ooga Boogas. He said they will do another record. Can’t wait.

I’ve been in touch with some bands that we like very much and while I’ve been instructed not to reveal any particulars, I can say that we have some great music to look forward to.

For our show we have spring on our mind. Even though it’s not really spring, it’s close enough for me.

Last night at the Moonie Crossroads Motel, rain thundered down on the roof for hours. It’s been hot and humid for the last few days and it’s been throwing off my seasonal clock big time. There are so many flies out here, you’re constantly waving them away.

Someone in the front of the van just put Messin’ With The Kid by the Saints on the system, it’s great out here.

If I have any energy left by the time we get to the hotel tonight, I’ll listen to all the tracks of this show to go through them all with you. I think this is a good one, but you know me, Fanatic, I always think the show is good.

Keep the flies out of your mouth and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

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