KCRW Broadcast 486

Fanatic! In an air plane, 8h 11m into a 13h flight from Sydney Australia to Los Angeles. I flew all the way to Australia for a show and of course, some record store action.

Due to jet lag and the blur of activity, as I sit here, I’m unable to remember a single title of what I got at Strangeworld in Melbourne. All I can say is that it sounded good at the time and I’ll know more when I get a chance to get the vinyl spinning.

As you probably know, Australia is in its winter, so the nights were quite cool. So strange to leave the blazing desert heat of Los Angeles to exit the plane into such a different climate. It’s currently Sunday, 1745 hrs. in Sydney. If all goes according to plan, I should be back in LA by 0600 hrs. Sunday.

I think besides a three day stop to do some press on my way back from Japan years ago, this five day and a few hours trip might be the shortest one I’ve made to Australia. It was a long way to go for a single show but it was worth it. Australian jet lag will make this coming week interesting as far as sleep cycle but I should be able to even out in a few days.

Remember how I’ve been telling you that there’s a lot of great records coming out in the next few months but it’s not for me to be breaking the news? Well, there’s yet another great one that’s coming out that I’ve just been sent the advance on. I’ve been plugging in tracks from it into our upcoming October shows.

Please enjoy this substantial stack of tunes we have lined up for you below. Next week’s show is already prepped and ready to go. I hope you’re getting a lot of music played, wherever you are.

Find the shade and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

Twitter: @henryrollins
Instagram: HenryandHeidi