KCRW Broadcast 491

Fanatic! I know that Autumn doesn’t start for about three weeks but for me, it’s September first, which would make this our last show for the summer. In Los Angeles, it’s going to be hot for weeks to come, so this show might not exactly be the soundtrack for one season giving way to another but for me, August is one thing and September is quite another.

I listened to the new Escape-Ism album yet again earlier today. If you liked that last one, then you’re going to like this one as well. If you have neither record, you can get both and have an amazing weekend.

I’m in Washington DC this weekend. I was at Dischord House yesterday and Ian gets on the phone with someone. At one point he says, “Hey, someone wants to talk with you” and hands me the phone. It was Robo from Black Flag. I don’t think I’ve spoken with him for 35 years. He sounded good.

Here are some September reminders from last week:

New Escape-Ism album out September 7 on Merge. I’ve heard the record a few times and it’s great. We don’t have long to wait.

Sleep is playing in San Pedro September 15!!! Here’s your info.

We hope you dig the show. Next week’s is already racked up and ready to go.

Seek shade and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

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