KCRW Broadcast 5

Fanatics! Here we are again getting the weekend started right. When it was clear that there was no other choice but to start with this particular Led Zeppelin track, I recall my coffee shooting through both nostrils and visions of that woman who called weeks ago who asked what she had done to KCRW to deserve our show. Lady, this track is for you! When you saw Zeppelin play, what song did they open with? When I saw them, it was Kashmir. I don’t know why James Brown keeps popping up so often on our show but for the last few weeks, he’s been a constant, same thing with the Minutemen, things could be worse. The Minutemen track we’re playing tonight, Split Red, there are two versions. I prefer the one we’re listening to tonight because D Boon’s guitar sound is just amazing and the intensity at which he’s playing is just fantastic. I don’t know how many of you ever got to see them play, what a band. I was very lucky to tour with them and saw them play many times on the road in Los Angeles and I can’t recall a bad show. The Discharge-Babs Gonzales-High On Fire get together is bringing me great joy whenever I listen down to this set, I hope you like it. As I often do, the other night, I went to the Teenbeat website to see if there was anything new. http://www.teenbeatrecords.com. I was overjoyed to see a collection of Flin Flon outtakes and alts from their last album Dixie called Et Cetera, available for download only. That was the night I made my first i-Tunes purchase. I am so happy to hear new Flin Flon! I have listened to the album about four times now so I had to bring in a track so we could check it out tonight. Pepi Ginsberg sent me her new album, East Is East. I have played some of it and like it. She told me to stand by and wait for the go-ahead to play some. Also, I was sent the new Vieux Toure album called Fondo and want to play some but have been instructed to wait until May so of course I will hold off. I played it last night. It’s some of the material I saw him perform in Mali back in January.

Tonight’s humble offering of musicality is the product of weeks of listening and fine tuning. This set went through many changes. I was moving, adding and deleting until a couple of nights ago. Nothing but the very best for you, Fanatics!

Thanks for tuning in and get ready for next week when it’s a two hour celebration of Post Punk music! We will be using Simon Reynolds’ book Rip It Up And Start Again as our guide.

I prefer the UK version of the book. I think he’s a great writer. Next week’s show will feature bands such as Pere Ubu, The Swell Maps, Cabaret Voltaire, Magazine, and more. It’s going to be a great one, ultimate mix CD potential, this one! Thanks for listening and until next week, STAY FANATIC!!! --Henry

E-Mail address for Henry: Henryontheradio@AOL.com

01. Led Zeppelin Rock And Roll / The Song Remains The Same
02. MC5 - Ramblin' Rose / Kick Out The Jams
03. Public Enemy - Brothers Gonna Work It Out / Fear Of A Black Planet
04. Arthur Conley - Sweet Soul Music / Beg, Scream & Shout!
05. James Brown - Super Bad / The CD Of JB
06. Ramones - Rockaway Beach / It's Alive
07. Parliament - Chocolate City / Chocolate City
08. The Germs - Manimal / Germs Complete
09. Squatweiler - Hot For Teacher / Spinart Comp. CD
10. Link Wray - Street Fighter / Big City After Dark Missing Links Volume 2
11. Coltrane - Chim Chim Cheree / Quartet Plays
12. The Mark Of Cain - Wake Up / Battlesick
13. Tom Waits - Goin' Out West / Bone Machine
14. Al Green - Old Time Lovin' / Let's Stay Together
15. Minutemen - Split Red / What Makes A Man Start Fires?
16. Romania – Why Are You So Strange / Remodel
17. Various Artists - Mi Kple Dogbekpo / African Scream Contest
18. Discharge - It's No T.V. Sketch / Clay Punk Singles
19. Babs Gonzales - Lop-Pow / Weird Lullaby
20. High On Fire – Baghdad / The Art Of Self Defense
21. The Very Things - Mummy, You're A Wreck / It's A Drug, It's A Drug, It's A Ha Ha Ha, It's A Trojan Horse Coming Out Of The Wall
22. Señor Coconut - The Robots / El Baile Aleman
23. Raymond Scott - Twilight In Turkey / The Raymond Scott Project
24. Flin Flon – Linkletter / Et Cetera
25. Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland / Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)