KCRW Broadcast 509

Fanatic! Back in Los Angeles. I’ve been bouncing in and out of airports almost every day for the last few weeks and am glad to get a break. Iceland, what I saw of it was really cool. Reykjavik seemed to close around 2000 hrs. which was a drag but I had tunes, coffee and a good gym, so I was fine.

I had a chance to listen to the new Oh Sees 12” on vinyl. Fantastic. Right now, I’m listening to the blue vinyl reissue of Mutilator Defeated At Last. Before that was Veils It White, a great Sunn 0))) one-sided 12”. One of my favorite releases of theirs.

Fanatic, another great show lined for you.

We represent with the big man, Alan Vega in hour one. It’s so easy to get into an Alan jag and play one album of his after another.

The new High On Fire album Electric Messiah, is SO GOOD. Yesterday I checked out the green/black swirl pressing out of the UK. You can hear a track at the beginning of our second hour.

Just my opinion, the two standout tracks of the show have to be Deerhoof bravely tackling two tracks from The Shining soundtrack. Deerhoof performing Bartok?! Yes. They should just cover the whole damn album. So cool. That single is available right now. Famous Class! What a label.

The new Farflung LP This Capsule is great. Tracks from the album will start appearing in the show in two weeks. Next year, we have cool music from Iceland and a lot of other cool stuff. 2019 is going to be a great year for records. I hope the X, the Am-Rock and I aren’t canned so we can bring it to you. It’s a great thing to have this opportunity to keep slinging all this cool music your way. It’s the best damn job.

We hope you have enjoyed this year of music.

Enjoy the holiday and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

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