KCRW Broadcast 514

Fanatic! I don’t know what the Super Bowl means to you but I know that it might take up the time you usual spend listening to this show with Fanatic attention. Hopefully, you’ll have a chance to catch up on archive.

Fanatic, next week in hour 2, we will be listening to the 40th anniversary edition of The Crack by the Ruts. The album was remastered by our good pals Segs and Ruffy at Abbey Road and it sounds great. I believe we have the only test pressing of the album in the USA. We made a beautiful sounding transfer right off the test pressing and will be rolling it out for you next week, hour 2.

Next week, we’ll start rolling out tracks from the excellent new Le Butcherettes album bi/MENTAL. I preordered my LP and am hoping to see it show up this week. I’ve had the files for many weeks. So glad we can get this one going.

We have a great show lined up for you here and we hope you dig it.

Rock the 2019 vinyl and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

Instagram: HenryandHeidi