KCRW Broadcast 528

Fanatic! I hope you dug last week’s cool hang out with the great Alex Cameron. I promised him I would put in the link so you could check out his new video. Here it is.

Also, remember, Charles Moothart’s band CFM is doing multiple nights at Zebulon June 10, 17 and 24.

If you notice, we have a lot of new music happening on this show. I told you May was going to be like this. Get ready for even more in the weeks upcoming.

One of the most interesting bands on this show is the one that starts our second hour. U-Bahn are absolutely fans of Devo but not only are they really good at it, they’re just really good. I listened to the album from start to finish a few days ago and their Devo thing tripped me out but I liked it all the same. Made me want to get out my Hardcore Devo comps on Superior Viaduct.

Fanatic! Have you seen the three LP box set edition of the first Generation X album that just came out? Wow! LP one is the album, LP 2 is singles and tracks from around the first album and the third album is almost completely unreleased mixes from the first album. This is a 100% great reissue. I came up with an idea for a future broadcast; in the second hour, we’ll listen to the singles and alt mixes. So, in preparation for that, get your first Generation X album out and play it, so you have it stored in your memory to better compare and contrast. 

Oh! New Escape-Ism 7”. I just got my copy. I’ll see if I can prevail on Mr. Svenonius to get some files to get on the show.

We hope you dig the show. Next week’s is already done and ready to go!

Keep rockin’ and STAY FANATIC!!!

–– Henry

Instagram: HenryandHeidi