KCRW Broadcast 546

I should tell you that we are also doing a show on KCRW Berlin on Friday nights 2100 hrs. to 2300 hrs. Berlin time, which would make for midday-afternoon listening if you're in North America. This link gets you there. It's a different show than the one we do on KCRW stateside. We're giving it a shot to see how it goes. It's a lot of work to do two shows a week, so we'll see how long I can hang in there.

As you know, Fanatic, we lost the great Daniel Johnston a few days ago. He was a singular talent. The first time I heard him was when he was still putting out cassette only releases. I believe Danny Don't Rap was the first song of his I heard. We have that track coming up later in the month.

I've been working away in the office for awhile today and so far, it's been all cassettes. Metabolist, Spykes and Wolf Eyes. So far, so great!

We hope you dig the show and thanks again for listening.

Until next week, keep rocking the jam session and stay fanatic.

–– Henry