KCRW Broadcast 569

Fanatic! I think this will be the last or next to last show for cold weather. Even though there are some cold weeks remaining, March to me at least is the start of spring. 

I’ve had a very interesting weekend. I’ve been working on a project that will be announced soon and I’ll put the press release in here. I think you’re gong to be into it. 

 I put in last week’s announcements so I didn’t have to type them again. Here they are. 

The Coriky album featuring Ian MacKaye, Amy Farina and Joe Lally is now available for pre-order. It's a great one. You can hear the track Clean Kill now online. We'll play all of this one starting at release date time. 

You know, we've been playing a lot of tracks from Edith Crash's great Frenzy album. We'll get into the album she did before that, Partir, soon. It's really cool. If you want to get a jump on things, here you go

Please make note and clear your calendar for March 22 when the Butch Willis documentary Amateur On Plastic will be showing at Zebulon. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this since I heard about it. Information | Trailer

 Did you see that the new Lorelle Meets The Obsolete 12”. The vinyl was sold out when I got to the bandcamp page but there are copies in other places

I’ve got the tracks and they’re great. We’ll get more of them played in a few weeks when the record comes out. 

Thanks for listening. We hope you dig the show. 

Have a great week and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry