KCRW Broadcast 58


Spring has done spring and we are going to get this thing hotted up along with the weather. Tonight's show capitalizes on some very cool new jams that have come my way over the recent weeks. Thanks to Road Manager Ward, we have Aksak Maboul from Belgium, I believe. I first heard them when we were touring through Sweden weeks ago. I think this could be the very first time we are playing Tangerine Dream on our show, that's pretty cool. Thanks to the good advice of Engineer X, we have a selection from the Zud Rang Ma set, featuring psych and pop tracks from Thailand. What a collection! Both volumes are worth checking out. Another great Jaguar Love track tonight. I will have their new album soon and get it into the mix soon. Road Manager Ward and Engineer X both recommended the Flower Travellin' Band to me and I think it was RMW who first played them for me. I don't know if I would have found them on my own, great music!s I was happy to find a few more Horrors songs for us to listen to. As far as I know, there have not been a lot of b-sides off their last album, perhaps they're working on a new album? I don't know. I have heard the new Fall album as well as the new Roky Erickson album and will get tracks from them to you soon. Also, soon, we'll have some interesting tracks from the Rhino Handmade series release of the first Stooges album that promises outtakes. I just ordered it and hopefully it will arrive sooner than later. Also, soon we will have the Raw Power re-master to listen to. As the weather heats up, so will the shows. It's going to be a great series of shows we have coming up so tune in, turn it up and STAY FANATIC!!!


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01. Aksak Maboul - A Modern Lesson / Un Peu De L'ame Des Bandits
02. Helios Creed - Throw Away The Rind / Kiss To The Brain
03. Tangerine Dream - Ashes To Ashes / Electronic Meditation
04. Team Doyobi - Per Aspera Ad Astra / Cryptoburners
05. Don Sornrabeab - Mao (Drunk) / Zud Rang Ma Vol.2
06. Television - See No Evil / Marquee Moon
07. Terakaft - Legh Assistane Dagh Aïtma / Akh Issudar
08. Hawnay Troof - Give Me Something / Daggers At The Moon
09. Slim Harpo - Don't Start Crying Now (single version) / Sings Raining In My Heart
10. Frank Wright - Grooving / Uhuru Na Umoja
11. Black Tambourine - Black Car / Complete Recordings
12. Stains Get - Revenge / The Blasting Concept
13. Gene Vincent - Cat Man / Best Of
14. Hans Joachim Roedelius - Goldregen / Wenn Der Südwind Weht
15. Jaguar Love - Antoine And Birdskull / Take Me To The Sea
16. Kraftwerk - Antenne / Radio-Aktivität 
07. Bobadin - Di Kanar Manut/ The Hut / Folk & Pop Music Of Burma vol. 03 
18. Scatman Crothers - The Best Things In Life Are Free / Kings Of The Cotton Club
19. Ice-Cubists - The Cravats / Land Of The Giants
20. De La Soul - Jenifa Taught Me / 3 Feet High And Rising
21. The Fontaine Toups - TFT / TFT
22. Birthday Party - Cat Man / The Birthday Party
23. Adverts - Safety In Numbers / Singles Collection 
24. Arditti String Quartet - String Quartet No. 1 "Métamorphoses Nocturnes" / Ligeti: String Quartets And Duets
25. Flower Travellin' Band - Heaven And Hell / Made In Japan
26. King Tubby And Friends - Step It Up In Dub / Dub Gone Crazy
27. The Clash - Capital Radio One / Clash On Broadway
28. The Horrors - Who Says / Strange House B-Sides
29. Sun Ra - This Song Is Dedicated To Nature's God / The Antique Blacks