KCRW Broadcast 59


Greetings from Melbourne Australia. As I write this, it's Thursday afternoon. I have soundcheck soon and after that, the first Australian show of the tour. It's a sold out show at the Town Hall. I have a lot of shows in Australia over the next several days. I have been here for four days now. The first three days were spent doing press. I am nervous about tonight's show as it's never easy hopping continents. As much as I am nervous about the show, I am far more excited about getting out there. It's always a great audience here. It's the wait that's difficult.

Road Manager Ward and I have hit two record stores so far and the findings have been good. I managed to pick the Rowland S Howard record Pop Crimes in its entirety, which is better than the two song promo that I used for tonight's show. I got the two Eddy Current Suppression Ring albums that have come out since I was last here, so I will be folding those into the mix for our June shows. Kim Salmon came by a radio station I was at two days ago and gave me a copy of his new album, called Grand Unifying Theory. Like all Kim records, it's a must have. I managed to pick up a great Birthday Party poster at Vicious Sloth Records. It's amazing looking. I also found an Australian promo poster for the first PIL album on Wizard Records. Very happy about this. Soon they will be on the wall. I have also been able to find some of those ever-so-hard-to-find Ocora recordings of Indonesian music. So far, it's been a good trip and I think you're going to dig all this music that we will be playing for you soon.

Tonight's show is a great mix. I am listening to it again and it's still working. Great to get another Japandroids track happening on the show. Thanks to Engineer X for turning me onto them. Digging that Cab Calloway, or what?! You lucky Fanatics get a double dose of Rowland Howard guitar with our Birthday Party track. One of the more obscure songs of the band, thanks to John Peel, we have it for tonight. I think we might have to do another all Peel night. X and I have not done one of those since right after the great man passed away.
I think there are some pretty new visitors dropping in on our show tonight. Could this be our first dose of Bevis Frond? I would have to check but I think it may be. I think this is going to be a good night of listening. It's such a blast putting these shows together.

Damn, we got a lot of feedback from the Aksak Maboul track we played last week. Ok, ok! More soon to come. Thanks to Road Manager Ward for that particular turn on.

Ok. I am going to stop writing now, and send this in to The K and my site so they can post it. I hope you all enjoy the show. By the time you hear it, I should have a few shows here under my belt and will be feeling better about things. As it is now, I am all jitters and anticipation. From beautiful Melbourne Australia, I compel you to listen loud and STAY FANATIC!!! 


PS: Frank Wright again?! What can I say? It's for our very own Tom Schnabel! What a track!

PPS: Liza Richardson, you better look out, we're finishing with Television, you better come in strong on your first track!

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01. Jimi Hendrix - Changes / Band of Gypsys Live At The Fillmore East
02. Ike Yard - We Are One / 1980-82 Collected
03. Rowland Howard - Pop Crimes / Pop Crimes
04. Monty Python - I Bet They Won't Play This Song On The Radio / Contractual Obligation Album
05. The Mob - Shuffling Souls / Let The Tribe Increase
06. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son / Willy And The Poor Boys
07. Japandroids - Wet Hair / Japandroids
08. The Buzzcocks - Fast Cars / Another Music in Different Kitchen 
09. Cab Calloway - The Scat Song /  1932-34
10. The Birthday Party - Bully Bones / Peel Sessions
11. Riot Clone - Neu-Vestation / Anti-War Anarcho-Punk Compilation Vol. 1
12. Frank Wright - The Lady / Your Prayer
13. Air Miami - Warm Miami May / Fuck You, Tiger
14. Glaxo Babies - Who Killed Bruce Lee / Avon Calling
15. Concrete - Farming Today / single
16. Istîkhbar - Mohamed Khaznadji / Algeroe Anthologie Vol. 02
17. Robert Pete Williams - Your Troubles Gonna Be Like Mine / Broken-Hearted Man
18. The Bevis Frond - Splendid Isolation / Miasma
19. Captain Beefheart - The Past Sure Is Tense / Ice Cream For Crow
20. Pan Ron - Ooh...He's Mute / Cambodian Rocks
21. Camberwell Now - Element Unknown / All's Well
22. Krokodil - Blue Flashing Circle / Swamp
23. Amampondo - Tere Tere / African Classics
24. Windy & Carl - Universal Energy / Introspection: Singles & Rarities 1993-2000
25. Snail - Cleanliness / Snail
26. Two Guys - Crazy Little Notion / Doo Wop, Rhythm & Blues And Novelties
27. The Fall - Kimble / Peel Sessions
28. Dizu Plaatjes - Outalo Ntsintsi / Ibuyambo
29. The Aquarium - White House / The Aquarium
30. Television - Prove It / Marquee Moon