KCRW Broadcast 590

Fanatic! So glad to have you tuning in to the show. It’s a great one. The Mexican Leaf Frog sets the mood quite well. 

You remember last week when I told you that Larry Hardy and I have been working on some 7” records that we were going to put out later this year. Another batch just came back from the pressing plant. They look/sound great! Only one more to go and then we’ll be able to roll them out for you. I think you’re going to be stoked. 

Here’s that list of cool records from last week. 

New music from VUM!

Great new album by Boris!

I unboxed the 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of the Fun House album last night. Wow! It’s so well done. I was able to hear this 15 LP set on test pressing earlier this year and it sounds amazing. It comes out on 07-31-30. 

Ollie Olsen’s cool band Whirlywirld gets a USA release of their collected work.

New music from Ian Svenonius and Too Much!

My book Stay Fanatic!!! Vol. 1 is back in print. 

New Music from Guerilla Toss

I’m usually stuck in my office all day. When the day is over, I think it’s a good idea to get out of there and change the scenery. I’ve been taking to staying in there at night now and tripping on how the place lights and what it feels like to still be in there at such odd hours. Last night, I went out and . . . got some gas for the car. Yeah!

I hope you’re taking care of yourself. We, the Mighty Three, the Superstars of NPR, have great shows lined up for you. Please keep listening to the weekly jam session! 

Stay safe and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry