KCRW Broadcast 61


I am sitting backstage here in Wollongong Australia. Some of the locals call this place “The Gong”. I have looked through my records of shows and I can't find any reference for any shows I have done here. Could it be my first time in The Gong?!

Two days ago, I went into a small studio and put the finishing touches on the next four shows. All the parts are with Engineer X now and he will do his good work and we will have some good jam sessions for the rest of the month. I think you will like them.

Oh! I was just at my agent's office and he had a copy of the Stooges Raw Power box set, the one that comes with the 7” single. I looked at the booklet and there were my liner notes right at the front! I must say, I am still smiling to myself about that and am looking forward to checking that one out. It looks like a really cool set.

So, let's have a look at tonight's jams. I thought we would start out rockin' in a classic sense so we go to Roky because we can do no wrong there. I don't know anything about Billy Eldridge except I thought the track was cool, I know as much about Arbete Och Fritid but the song sounded interesting to me, so in it went. I got that track from Road Manager Ward and his Nurse With Wound list. Interesting that the This Heat track utilizes the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence and leaves out a word, perhaps it didn't fit in with how they wanted to sing it and then they went and left out the second half of the third paragraph by ending the song. Perhaps they should have done a 12” version of that track and put in the rest, damned artists! Most of tonight's culprits are frequent visitors to our show and I know you will find them familiar like old friends. As the summer heats up, we will challenge ourselves with some very way out material, please prepare yourself for some sonic exploration coming your way. I reckon summer is the time of year to push it and indeed we will.

Lucky me, I have a sold out show tonight and must get ready to hit stage and bang the Gong as best I can, so I will stop writing here and ask that you listen loud and STAY FANATIC!!! 


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01. Roky Erickson - Clear Night For Love / All That May Do My Rhyme
02. Billy Eldridge - Let's Go Baby / Rockin' Bones
03. Arbete Och Fritid - Harmageddon Boogie / Håll Andan
04. XBXRX - Rainbow Sunshine / Love Songs For The Blind
05. Nitro - Bring It Down / OFR
06. Pere Ubu - Life Stinks / The Modern Dance
07. Wire - Marooned / Chairs Missing
08. Von Sudenfed - Serious Brainskin / Tromatic Reflexxions
09. Buppa Saichol - Sheng Ra Bert / Zud Rang Maa
10. Henry Thomas - Fishing Blues / Ragtime Texas
11. The Undertones - Jump Boys / The Undertones
12. UK Subs - She's Not There / Brand New Age
13. This Heat - Independence / Deceit
14. Harry Partch - Ring Around The Moon / Harry Partch Vol. 01
15. Johnny Thunders - Born To Lose / L.A.M.F.
16. Buzzcocks - Noise Annoys / Singles Going Steady
17. Ornette Coleman - All / To Whom Who Keeps a Record
18. Cloudland Canyon - Opening-Ice Of Rift / Requiems Der Natur 2002-2004
19. The Cops - Terribly Empty Pockets / Free Electricity
20. The Cravats - XMP / Land Of The Giants
21. Count Ossie - Oh Carolina / The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari 
22. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Deanna / Tender Prey
23. The Four Plugs - Wrong Treatment / single
24. Rodriguez - Climb Up On My Music / Coming From Reality
25. Black Randy & The Metro Squad - I Tell Lies Every Day / Pass the Dust, I Think I'm Bowie
26. EL Guapo - Underground / Fake French
27. Duke Ellington - Anatomy Of A Murder (stereo single) / Anatomy Of A Murder
28. Funkadelic - Alice In My Fantasies / Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On
29. Slim Gaillard - Poppity Pop / Slim's Jam
30. Gang Of Four - At Home He's A Tourist / Entertainment!
31. Galloping Coroners - Csodaszarvas-Idézõ / Naptánc