KCRW Broadcast 68



I am in Las Vegas, here for a show a few hours from now. Before anything, I would like to thank you for listening to last week's show. It was great to be live in the studio for the second time this year. Engineer X, the Double B, a great time was had. The Double B had to handle the last moments of the show. I listened to him as I jammed to my show at the Largo. Thank you for packing the Largo all three nights. What a great audience that was.

I had a few days off the road, that was rare but it was good to get some listening done and to load the hard drive with more jams to get some new radio shows planned.

Tonight's show is a great one! Would like to thank Dan Trice for sending the file for tonight's Fall track. It's the single that was released for Record Store Day. I got the single, like many of you Fanatics did but it was Dan that supplied the file that made it easy to get it onto the show. I am sure you Fanatics will recognize many of our show's artists tonight. It's a rockin' two hours that I think you're going to dig. Check out how blazing tonight's Roky track is. I thought we needed some Dio vocals so we get a dose tonight. I don't know how we skipped over the Heartbeeps album by The Mae Shi for so long, so tonight we make good. Thanks to the amazing Mutant Sound site for tonight's Axolotl track. Thanks to Road Manager Ward for the Les Rallizes Denudes turn on.

I had a chance to hear Dax Rigg's new album Say Goodnight to the World. I like it. It's different than the last album. Dax Fanatics will dig. I have to check with Fat Possum to see when they want to get the tracks on the radio. I am sure it will be soon enough. I am hoping to get one of the tracks on in a couple of weeks. Here's more info.

Also, the man Vice Cooler has sent me an unreleased XBXRX track just for our show that we will listen to in a couple of weeks. I may hold back on that one to bring it to you live next month. It's a great one. Thanks Vice!

I don't know if this will be of interest to any of you, but there's a limited 3-LP box set of Pärson Sound recordings out now. There's only a thousand made, so if you're interested, you better get on it. Engineer X and I have. That will be some great summer listening. I was rocking my CD of theirs the other night. More info here.

Tonight's show here in Las Vegas is in a small room. I couldn't get more normal spot here at the House of Blues and all I could get was this very nice but very small room at the Hard Rock. It will be intimate at a few hundred people and there are a lot of people who didn't get ticket and I am sorry about that.

I hope you dig tonight's show. I wish I could be live with you tonight but the road calls. A couple of weeks from now, the majority of the tour dates will be done. Until then, listen loud and STAY FANATIC!!!


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01. Birthday Party - Blast Off / Junkyard
02. Axolotl - Meme Chose / Outmanoeuvre
03. The Fall - Cowboy Gregori / Record Store Day 7inch
04. Supersystem - Miracle / Always Never Again
05. Minutemen - Search / The Punch Line
06. Deadboy And The Elephantmen - Kissed By Lightning / We Are Night Sky
07. The Stooges - 1969 / The Stooges
08. Henry Grimes Trio - Walk On / The Cal
l 09. Group Ka Kaw - The Generosity Of Our Fans / Molam: Thai Country Groove From Isan Vol. 02
10. The Systematics - Nuts To You / Terrace Industry : M Squared Box 1980 - 1983
11. Sun Ra - We Travel The Spaceways / Soundtrack To The Film: Space Is The Place
12. The Jesus & Mary Chain - My Little Underground / Psychocandy
13. Foot Village - Chicken And Cheese 2 / Fuck The Future 2
14. Holland - You Are Ambient Noise / I Blow Up
15. Hott Beat - Mall Song / A Hott Mess
16. The Cavemen - It's Trash / Teenage Shutdown Vol. 04 - I'm A No-Count
17. Slim Gaillard - Soony Roony (Song Of Yxabat) / Laughing In Rhythm: Best Of
18. X-Ray Spex - I Am A Cliché / Let's Submerge
19. Eroc - Sprache der Pfifferlinge/ 2 (Zwei)
20. Murray & O'Donoghue - What If Ed Sullivan Were Tortured? / National Lampoon Radio Hour
21. Various Artists - Bangalgassa / Tribal Folk And Caffe Music
22. Cotton Candy - That Was Swedish / Top-Notch & First-Rate
23. Black Flag - Revenge / The First Four Years
24. Mohamed Khaznadji - Mode Ghrib / Algeroe Anthologie - Vol 02
25. Jimi Hendrix - Drifter's Escape / Astro Man Studio Outtakes '66-'68
26. Tel Aviv - Interest / The Shape Of Fiction
27. Rondelles - The Upshot / The Fox
28. The Saints - New Centre of the Universe / Eternally Yours
29. Air Miami - Afternoon Train / Me. Me. Me.
30. Les Rallizes Denudes - Deeper Than Night / Yodo-Go-A-Go-Go
31. Public Image Ltd. - Low Life / Plastic Box
32. J. Mascis And - The Fog Too Hard / Where'd You Go (Maxi)
33. Roky Erickson - I Walked With A Zombie / Halloween Live '79 - '81
34. Shock Headed Peters (w/Sam Ireland) - Conditional Discharge / Fear Engine II
35. The Panik - Modern Politics / Short Sharp Shock
36. Black Sabbath - Turn Up The Night / The Mob Rules
37. The Mae Shi - Spoils Of Victory / Heartbeeps
38. Frank Zappa - Excentrifugal Forz / Apostrophe