KCRW Broadcast 702

Fanatic! I hope your week was great. I’ve been listening to a lot of Joy Division and repeated plays of Scary Monsters. I just got my copy of A Foul Form, the new Osees album and finally, the the new Party Dozen album arrived. I forget when the preorder was but it seems to me it was a long time ago. Tonight we listen to a track from their Sub Pop 7” release. 

I really like the new Automatic album. Another one of those cases where the digital files sound fine but the vinyl is a surprisingly good upgrade, same thing with the Liz Lamere record. 

I got an email from Atsuo of Boris. He said the shows are going great. Do not miss this band!

I have more shows starting in mid September. 


We have a great show lined up for you tonight. Some new and some old, mixed together to hopefully make a good two hour mix tape. A nights from now, I’ll be back out on the road. Looking forward to it!

Have a great week and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry