KCRW Broadcast 722

Fanatic. Hello from Bratislava, Slovakia. I think this might be my first time in this city. I searched all my show records and can’t find any proof I’ve been here before. We’ve been out for a few days now. The first show was in Reykjavik and it was a great time. I just waited out two days off in Munich, down by the train station. Looking forward to the show tonight. It’s a relief to be back on the road. 

I’ll be out on this one until early April. If you want to see all the shows I’m up to, you can check out all the tour dates here. https://www.henryrollins.com/tour

You might remember last week, I posted an address for the Black Flag prints to help good ol’ Spot. I’d like to thank you because they all sold out. You are helping him big time. Again, thanks. 

Tom Verlaine. That’s some guitar playing. What a loss. 

We have a great show for you tonight. I made it to pay tribute to the passing of Angelo Badalamenti. I’m going to focus on the shows and the workouts, not all that easy to find places where I’m going but it’s often interesting. I’ll be back with you next week from Belgrade, Serbia. 

Have a great weekend and stay Fanatic

–– Henry