KCRW broadcast 725

Fanatic! I’m presently in the backstage area of the Kuppelhallen in Stavanger, Norway. The town is a postcard. Blue sky, water, boats, mountains. I’ve never been here before and have no idea if there will be much of an audience tonight. I’m not sure if we’re near any larger towns. Who knows, I might be the only thing on a stage here tonight. 

The shows have been going well and we’re very happy to be out here with a show every night. We’ve started the part of this run that has no nights off until the last show in April. It’s how we like it. It’s the nights off that throw me. Another thing that distracts is people in the backstage area talking and this venue seems to have a lot of them so I have to get to work and prep around them.

Here are the upcoming tour dates.

It’s a good mix of tunes we have for you tonight. I’m sure Californian Fanatics are having quite an experience with the current weather. Be safe out there and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry