KCRW Broadcast 74


It’s a little after midnight here in Amsterdam. I just walked off stage. Three hours and two minutes of talk that poor audience endured. Out of here in a few hours to go to London. Saturday night off in London! Talk about rare.

Tonight’s show is one that Engineer X and I have been waiting to unleash for quite awhile. We put it together a few days ago at the KCRW Rok Mosk and we think it sounds great. It’s all New York area music, including those who came to New York to be where the action was. You will see many familiar artists and bands in our playlist tonight. There’s not a bad song in the bunch.

It was SO great to be live with you last week. Thanks for all the great letters. Next week and the week after, we will be back with you live as well. Next week is our fund drive night. Don’t tune out!

I have been battling jet lag for the last few days. Usually it lets me go after a couple of days but this time, it’s hanging in there with great tenacity. I had a great time last night in Eindhoven, home town of one Theo Van Rock, the legendary soundman of the Rollins Band. He was in great health and spirits, always good to see him.

I have to be up in a few hours to head to the airport. I anticipate a sticky day in London but the night should be great. I will be onstage at the Sonisphere Fest on Sunday and then right to the airport to get to DC for the Evens show at Fort Reno Monday night. Rumor has it that Joel, Fanatic Ohio will be there as well, he just checked in and said he was heading out there. It’s a great place to see a band and I am sure there will be many familiar faces at that show. I am bringing my camera!

Ok, Fanatics, dig the NYC jams and STAY FANATIC!!! 

NOTE NEW ADDRESS: Henryontheradio@gmail.com
01. The Mad – Fried Egg / We Love Noize
02. New York Dolls – Trash / New York Dolls
03. Television – See No Evil / Marquee Moon
04. Blondie - Hanging On The Telephone / single
05. The Ramones - I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement / Ramones
06. Suicide - Rocket USA / Suicide
07. Contortions - Flip Your Face / No New York
08. Bush Tetras – Cowboys In Africa / Boom In The Night
09. DNA - Blonde Red Head / DNA On DNA
10. Johnny Thunders - Born To Lose / L.A.M.F.
11. Mars - Helen Forsdale / 78
12. Y Pants - Favorite Sweater / Y Pants
13. Blonde Redhead – Cure / Melody For Certain Damaged Lemons   5:23
14. Teenage Jesus & The Jerks - Burning Rubber / No New York
15. Charlie Parker - Be-Bop / Complete Live Performances On Savoy
06. These Are Powers - Adam's Turtle /   All Aboard Future
17. Beastie Boys - The Sounds Of Science /  Paul's Boutique
18. The Stimulators – Loud Fast Rules / single
19. Max Roach - Three-Four Vs. Six-Eight Four-Four Ways / Featuring The Legendary Hassan
20. Richard Hell & The Voidoids – Blank Generation / Blank Generation
21. Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid - Morning Prayer / The Exchange Sessions  Vol. 01
22. Charles Gayle - Track 07 / Complete Sessions
23. Glenn Branca – Structure / The Ascension
24. Lenny Bruce – The Phone Company / Togetherness
25. Swans - Coward / Holy Money