KCRW Broadcast 85


Tonight a bit of a concept coming at you and I think you're going to like it. Yesterday, Friday the 16th, was Fela Kuti's birthday. I didn't know that before someone at Knitting Factory records wrote me weeks ago to let me know and asked if I could do anything around the event. Our show being on Saturday, I figured that was close enough. So, tonight, we will feature a Fela track at the beginning of each block. We do three blocks per hour, so tonight, six nice Fela jams along with some great songs in between.

It's been days since we last got together and in that time, I have spent quite a bit of time with the new Grinderman and Marnie Stern albums and am liking them very much. I wish the Grinderman dug in a little deeper lyrically but it is sounding good to me anyhow. The Marnie record is just great on all levels. It's different than the last one and the aspects that are different are different in a great way. Fanatics, keep your eyes and ears on Marnie Stern, she is going to make a lot of good records. I think she's only getting warmed up.

Since I have been off the road and near all my records, I have been doing a lot of listening at night, before jet lag knocks me out. This week, it's been Keiji Haino, AIDS Wolf, Frank Zappa, different releases on American Tapes, My Cat Is An Alien, Buzzcocks and the aforementioned. There's more but I can't remember them at this point. I have been playing tonight's show over and over and it's SO good. How can I make such an confident claim? That's easy, I am not on any of the tracks for tonight's show, I just chose them, that doesn't take much talent, the songs though, all good, all night.

Now, about tonight's focus on Fela. As you know, Fela was and is still one of the most potent forces in music, even though he has been gone for a long time. He is true definition of music warrior. He was at odds with the government of Nigeria, his native country. He wanted to run for president. The government said no. Scared much? Watch any footage you can of Fela and his amazing bands. He has so much charisma you can barely stand it. As to the music, I am no expert but I have heard a lot of Fela's records and they are all worth checking out. A lot of the talented and dedicated presenters on tha K play Fela all the time, so if you are a listener to other shows on the station, and I hope you are, you will see that Fela is a big deal at 89.9.

Thanks for your kind letters about the show. You know how much we like laying it down from our end. Can't wait to be live with you all tonight. Dig the Fela jams and STAY FANATIC!!!


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01. Fela Kuti - Let's Start / Fela With Ginger Baker Live!
02. Marnie Stern - The Things You Notice / Marnie Stern
03. The Honest Marquee – The End / Honest Marquee 2006
04. Bob Dylan - All Along The Watchtower / John Wesley Harding
05. Fela Kuti - Gbagada Gbagada Gbogodo Gbogodo / Open & Close
06. Joy Division – Disorder / Unknown Pleasures
07. The Nation Of Ulysses - Look Out! Soul Is Back / 13-Point Program To Destroy America
08. Fela Kuti - You No Go Die... Unless / Na Poi
09. Dr. Alimantado - I Shall Fear No Evil / Best Dressed Chicken In Town
10. Keiji Haino - Owari Ni Saseru / Watashi Dake
11. The Jesus & Mary Chain - My Little Underground / Psychocandy
12. Fela Kuti – Shenshema / Roforofo Fight / Fela Singles
13. The Middle Class - Out Of Vogue / EP
14. Tamikrest - Aicha / Adagh
15. The Warmers - Totally Free / Wanted: More
16. Fela Kuti – Igbe / Gentleman
17. Kraftwerk – Uranium / Radioactivity
18. Captain Beefheart- Telephone / Doc At The Radar Station
19. XBXRX - Deaf Ears, Silent Voice / Sixth In Sixes
20. Isaac Hayes - Walk From Regio's / Shaft Soundtrack
21. Fela Kuti - Sorrow, Tears & Blood / Sorrow, Tears & Blood
22. Einstürzende Neubauten – Sehnsucht / Halber Mensch
23. The Ruts – Society / Singles Collection