Global Beat México: Champetos del Jùjú, Eugenia Leon, La Gran Locumbia

Written by Marion Hodges

Life’s a rich tapestry with La Gran Locumbia, Eugenia León and Champetos del Jujú. Photos by José Corredor, courtesy of the artist and Rodrigo Vazquez.

KCRW’s Global Beat is a series highlighting emerging artists from around the world. Our second season takes us to México, hosted by KCRW DJ Raul Campos alongside our curators, México City DJ and music supervisor Junf, director of Festival NRMAL Moni Saldaña, and NPR’s Betto Arcos.

NPR’s Betto Arcos exits the Cosmic Barrio to enliven our senses with the West African-influenced style of Champetos del Jùjú; Mexican music legend Eugenia Leon dabbling in every genre under the sun; and the infectious dance vibes of Colombian x Venezuelan x Mexican band La Gran Locumbia.

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Champetos del Jùjú – “La danza del camarón

Taking their name from a West African style of music, Champetos del Jùjú includes musicians from Mexico, New Zealand, and Togo. Together they conjure a vibrant mix of African, Colombian, and Caribbean sounds. 

Eugenia Leon – “Agradecer” 

Born in northern Mexico City, Eugenia Leon is a musical legend. Her lauded career finds her incorporating a range of Latin sounds, with tango, boleros, pop, dance, rancheras, and ballads all part of her expansive repertoire.

La Gran Locumbia – “Siente Wepajé” 

Mexican immigrants from Colombia and Venezuela team with natives as La Gran Locumbia, and infectious dance music ensues. 

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