Live From

Live From

Intimate performances, fresh sounds, and candid conversations.

LA post-punks Automatic hit legendary Apogee Studio for a muscular performance engineered by recording great Bob Clearmountain.

Legendary new wave band Tears for Fears joins us at The Village Studios for a killer set spanning classics like “Mad World,” to standouts from their latest album, “The Tipping Point.”

Dive in for lush performances from “Inside Problems,” plus the story behind the time Mariah Carey challenged him to a whistle-off.

Hawthorne’s Cuco kicks off our Live From series with an intimate performance, and talks getting sober, his favorite TikTok audio, and his “psychotic” approach to musical reinvention.

Chaz Bear and co. get psychedelic above the LA skyline to play cuts from “MAHAL” and talk Tagalog, Eric Andre, and an abiding love for Arby’s. Plus, a visit from Mr. Postman.

What do you do when the neighbors call the cops on your backyard show? Turn the kitchen into a sound booth, shove the dining table out of the way, and start rolling.

Austin's finest purveyors of rock n' roll Spoon join us for a release day celebration of “Lucifer on the Sofa” with a wild set and freewheeling conversation with DJ Raul Campos.

To celebrate National Poetry Month and her debut album “Are You Happy Now?”, LA bard-songstress Jensen McRae delivers an intimate performance and candid conversation about writing, coming of age, and courage.