Benoit and Sergio

Berlin/DCs Benoit & Sergio have already released a formidable series of 12”s and EPs on notable labels thesongsays, Spectral/Ghostly, Visionquest, and most recently DFA. Although technically a minimalist techno-house outfit, Benoit & Sergio are actually doing something very exciting and altogether different. Drawing narrative inspiration from songwriters like Leonard Cohen and The Beach Boys, B & S are making dance music that is working on various levels and compels you to really listen. By creating lyrically driven mid-tempo house, they’ve crafted epic (and often really funny) off kilter pop songs about the loneliness and desperation of clublife.

They are one of the most exciting new artists I've come across in the last few years...and I am super appreciative of they're having put this TRULY solid mix together for the show.





Mario Cotto