Amon Tobin Mix

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Amon Tobin is the enigmatic Brazilian producer behind the highly-recognized electronic albums ISAM, Foley Room and his latest release, Fear in a Handful of Dust. His blend of music production and sound design has secured his place as one of electronic music’s most fascinating pioneers, renowned for his continually evolving sound. Items in Tobin’s sonic toolbelt include eclectic jazz, jungle samples, and lush soundscapes blended with experimental analog hardware. Tobin continues to push the boundaries with his side project, Two Fingers, where he mines the world of drum and bass for hard-hitting, crackly tracks.

Since the launch of his record label Nomark this year, Tobin has shown no signs of slowing down as he prepares with an ambitious line-up of releases, none of which are easily defined. Tobin has no less than a dozen releases slated for the next year under his own name and various monikers, including work with collaborators spanning genres and sounds.

We are thrilled to welcome Amon Tobin to KCRW with an experimental guest mix for Metropolis, which is nothing short of excellent.





Stephanie Barbosa