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Sascha Ring Photo courtesy of the Apparat

The new record is heavily influenced by Ring’s experience making music with Moderat. Listeners will find sublime, delicate and unexpected twists in track after track on LP5. The album stands as a testament to Ring’s work with elegiac techno and ambient soundscapes that embrace a universal sonic beauty.

We are thrilled to welcome Apparat to KCRW in celebration of the fresh release of LP5, for an exclusive guest mix on Metropolis.


1. Beck - Already Dead
2. Autechre - Foldfree Casual
3. Bon Iver - Moon Water
4. Jan Hammer - Night Talk
5. The Antlers - Sylvia
6. Szun Waves - Moon Runes
7. Apparat - Dawan
8. Kevin Shields - Goodbye
9. The Sea And Cake - Four Corners
10. Güiro Meets Russia - Die Reise
11. John Beltran - Dream Lover
12. Rolando Simmons - Song Of Susannah
13. Fjaak - Version





Stephanie Barbosa