Bicep Exclusive Guest Mix

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The duo behind Bicep snuck into Belfast nightclubs as teenagers, getting an essential techno education that now informs their work as a House Dj/production team. Their musical collaboration was born out of an even longer friendship and began with the creation of the Feel My Bicep music blog. The popularity of the retro-House focused MP3 site earned them cred as curators and the duo began making music of their own as a result, touring as deejays, and launching their own label. They bring us an exclusive mix before they take the stage at CRSSD Fest in San Diego.


  1. Todd Terje - "Strandbar (Bonus Beats)"
  2. Nick Holder - "Clap Your Hands"
  3. Ian Pooley - "Sorority"
  4. Dwayne Jensen - "My People"
  5. Pepe Bradock - "Atom Funk"
  6. John Swing - "(Unreleased Bicep re-edit)"
  7. Soundstream - "Inferno"
  8. Bicep - "Untitled Bootleg (Unreleased Bicep Edit)"
  9. Paul Mac - "Raw Basics"
  10. Technasia - "Fusin'"
  11. Mr. G - "Lights Out Dub"
  12. Ben Sims - "Stuck In The Middle (Unreleased Mix)"
  13. Gene Farris - "Visions of the Future (Roy Davis Jr. & DJ Skull Wreckin Shop '96 Mix)" 
  14. Pepe Bradock - "Vermeille"