Cut Snake Exclusive Mix

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Cut Snake made the rounds on the American festival circuit in 2014, with sets at SXSW, Splash House and HARD Day of the Dead. In the studio, the boys channel their unabashed carefree attitudes into tracks like the sultry debut single “Face Down," and lush vocal cut “Echo." Cut Snake have coined a mix of atmospheric deep-house and bass heavy tech-house that's suited to no one particular environment. Now, the duo from down under share an exclusive mix with Metropolis ahead of their set at Air + Style at Expo Park in Downtown Los Angeles, March 3rd and 4th.


1. Want it all - Sedz
2. Team work - Dateless & Lucati 
3. Raw motion - Dimiz & Baley 
4. Sunny - Syap
5. Palace (Russ Yallop Remix) - Toyboy & Robin 
6. Brrrr - Joeski
7. Black Dolphin - Harvey Mckay
8. The Bumps - Lord Leopard
9. Africa Nasty - Sedz
10. The Opposite - German Brigante
11. Everybody - You Man & Jerge
12. Psychedelic World - Sevader 
13. The Hadal Zone - Big Miz
14. 1988 - Versus