From Electrospective: Steve Aoki

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LA native Steve Aoki grew up skateboarding and listening to Punk Rock. He later found the same DIY ethos of Punk in elements of alternative dance music. Through his Dim Mak brand, Steve has built an empire that includes a range of artists, clothing, and events. The son of entrepreneur, pro-wrestler, and founder of the Benihana restaurant chain Rocky Aoki, Steve applied some of the showmanship he saw in his father to the growing EDM scene and became a leading figure in the genre along the way. Steve sat down with KCRW Music Director Jason Bentley for our Electrospective interview this week. Electrospective is Produced by EMI Music in association with KCRW. Select "listen" below for a stream of an Aoki-inspired music mix leading up to the conversation with Steve, or choose "download" to podcast the interview-only version of Electrospective. For more information, go to and watch this space for a new guest interview each week.