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Geotic certainly succeeds in showcasing dance music as an experiential art with Abysma, an album inspired by his real-life travels around the world. According to the artist, the music on Abysma was never intended to be heard from a performance space, but rather in an ambient setting, with others or alone. The record seeks to transport listeners to a unique and calculated headspace, while remaining groove-centric for the seasoned fan.

Abysma is dance music created for at-home listening that will command your full attention and still make your body move. We are thrilled to welcome Geotic to KCRW for an exclusive guest mix for Metropolis.

Photo courtesy Of Mario Luna

1. GACHA - Let Me Love You
2. Donato Wharton - Is That Why Yr Still On Earth
3. Akira Yamaoka - True
4. Björk - It’s In Our Hands
5. Chicane - No Ordinary Morning
6. Planningtorock - Human Drama
7. Guitar - House Full of Time
8. Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever
9. Styrofoam - A Heart Without A Mind
10. Kelly Lee Owens - Lucid
11. Coco Rosie - Noah’s Ark
12. Geotic - Maglev





Stephanie Barbosa