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DJ and producer Jayda Guy. Photo courtesy Of Yuuki Harada.

Vancouver-born DJ and producer Jayda Guy—more commonly known as Jayda G—is one of today’s most intriguing female producers in the dance music scene. Guy’s DJ style is all about bringing her feelings out from behind the decks. Her sets feature a warm, genre-spanning mix of surefire crowd-pleasers along with deep cuts for the crate-diggers, all joined together for a cohesive journey connecting soulfulness to melody across genres. Perhaps the best part is that she's willing to play the classics that other DJs shy away from, and she handles them with care and respect.

Fun fact: Guy first started exploring club music when she moved to Los Angeles around 2010; she thanks our very own KCRW DJ Mathieu Schreyer for helping shape her musical taste.

Significant Changes, her debut album as Jayda G, came out earlier this year on Ninja Tune, and was created while the DJ earned her Masters Degree in Resource and Environmental Management, in which she specialized in environmental toxicology. The album is closely linked to Guy’s thesis, which focused on how humans affect the orcas in she surrounding waters of Vancouver. The album is a jubilant and accomplished debut that transforms environmental messages into dance floor anthems.

With both her live sets and record, Jayda G brings us deeper into her world, giving us a taste of her life and ultimately helping us better understand her as an artist.

We are thrilled to welcome Jayda G to KCRW for an exclusive guest mix on Metropolis!

You can catch her live at Secret Project, in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, October 12th and 13th. For tickets and more information visit: www.secretproject.com





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