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Danish house and techno DJ, producer, Rune Reilly Kölsch is better known simply as Kölsch. Respected for his deeply emotive style, Kölsch’s records under Speicher, part of Cologne’s long-lived Kompakt label, are deeply influential on the electronic scene. Kölsch is a selector on the decks and in the studio, guaranteed to turn your nights upside down.

Kölsch is due for his second DJ set at this year’s Coachella festival, so be sure to catch him this weekend in the legendary Yuma tent. We are thrilled to welcome Kölsch to KCRW with a exclusive guest mix for Metropolis.

KCRW caught up with Kölsch and asked him about his analog warmth and his Parisian connections.

Legend has it that you have an impressive studio space loaded with unique production equipment. What bit of kit or software has made the biggest impact on your sound?

Other than my laptop, I'd say I love my Rupert Neve 5060. Its a fantastic sounding mixer that I can run all my outboard gear through. I love to add some analog warmth to my tracks, so it's a perfect way of doing it. 

You played a remarkable open-air gig on top of the Eiffel Tower back in 2017. What was that experience like? Can you recall any tracks from that once-in-a-lifetime set?

It was a once in a lifetime moment. Something I can never forget. I've had a weird connection to Paris all my life, as my stepmom is Parisian. I felt it was my way to pay respect to a city that has had a lot of hardship over the last years. My absolute highlight of the set was playing Laurent Garnier-Acid Eiffel on the Eiffel tower. A full circle moment. 

How do you see the current scene of electronic music in the U.S. versus Scandinavia/Europe?

Its seems to me the US is still somewhat stuck in the last Convulsions of the EDM movement. A lot of festivals are still booking quite commercial acts, compared to Europe, but the club scene is incredible. There are so many great clubs scattered all over the US, so there is so much potential. I see a bright future. Especially with the Vegas clubs booking more and more techno artists. 

You’re approaching your second performance at Coachella, in the infamous Yuma tent, which is known for showcasing the world’s leading electronic talent. What can attendees expect from your set?

I'm currently testing out all the new material for my next album, so expect a lot of new Kölsch tracks in my set. I've done a bunch of edits of classics as well, so loads to look forward to. 

Is there anyone you are excited to catch from the Coachella lineup?

Jon Hopkins. He is an amazing talent. On par with a modern Mozart in my view. 





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