Kraak & Smaak Exclusive Mix

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What are you doing Saturday night? Maybe check out Kraak & Smaak’s exclusive Metropolis guest mix to keep your party going this weekend.

Hailing from Leiden, Netherlands, Kraak & Smaak is the playful alias for Oscar de Jong, Mark Kneppers and Wim Plug, a musically gifted trio who’ve been keeping fans across the globe grooving since 2005 with an energetic mix of funk, disco and house.

With over a decade of releases and tours under their belt, Kraak & Smaak’s lively DJ sets and live performances have become a well-respected force in today’s international electronica club and festival scenes.

Kraak & Smaak released their fifth full-length album, “Juicy Fruit” in June, 2016, and set the tone for their summer tour with a truly epic launch party at Paradiso in Amsterdam. “Juicy Fruit Remixed” is out June 30, 2017.

They will be in LA at the Regent Theatre on May 18th, and The 15th Annual Joshua Tree Music Festival, May 18-21st.


1. Kraak
 & Smaak – Prescription ft. Eric Biddines (Moods remix) (Jalapeno)
2. Ponty Mython – Grooff Machine (Ponty Mython’s 2017 edit) (Quintessentials)
3. Kraak & Smaak – Hendo (Exploited)
4. Duke Hugh – Believe (Rhythm Section International)
5. Lovebirds – Feel the Bern (Teardrop Recordings)
6. Soultage – Peaktime Friends (TBC)
7. James Curd – Disco Fool (Exploited)
8. Kraak & Smaak – Smile ft. Eric Biddines (Fouk dub) (Jalapeno)
9. Kenix ft. Bobby Youngblood - There’s Never Been No One Like You (Medlar edit) (West End Records)
10. Marcel Lune - A Minor Thought (Local Talk)
11. Alex Gopher & Pierrick Devin – Jazz Rock (Grand Musique Management)





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