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Dance music innovators Layo & Bushwacka! dropped by the KCRW studios to chat with Metropolis host Jason Bentley and take over the decks before playing the Monday Night Social at Las Palmas in Hollywood. Known for their 5+ hour DJ sets, the duo fuses techno, house, electro, breakbeat, dub, and downtempo electronica to create a distinctive multi-textured sound. Night Works, one of the most anticipated dance albums of 2002 and the follow-up to 1998's critically acclaimed Low Life, offers 48 minutes of quality, streamlined tracks. Quite notable is Love Story with its turbo bass, looped piano and samples from Devo and Nina Simone. Love Story started out two years ago as 1000 copies of an untitled 12 and quickly grew into a global club anthem. The album in its entirety packs plenty of punch for the dance floor but also delivers rich layered tracks that play beautifully on the home stereo. There is Layo's favorite track Blind Tiger, which opens their guest set on KCRW, and the melancholy Sahara.

Matthew Bushwacka! Benjamin met Layo Paskin in London in 1993. Layo was promoting warehouse parties and planning to open the nightclub The End with Mr C, the front man of The Shaman. Bushwacka!, previously a member of the rave DJ collective Rat Pack, was an engineer trainee in Mr C's studio Watershed. Their chance meeting led to the release of a number of tracks under the name Usual Suspects. They began calling themselves Layo & Bushwacka! when they released their debut album Low Life on End Recordings. Until then they were best known as producers. Now Layo & Bushwacka! are regarded as two of the hottest remixers, producers and DJs in dance music. One night a month they play 8-hour sets at The End, known as the best club in London for underground beats and breaks. They also have residencies at Space in Ibiza and Sirena in Brazil. Layo continues to run The End with Mr C while Bushwacka! runs two labels (Plank Records and Oblong) and records under the aliases Makesome Breaksome and Plantastic.

Night Works is currently available as an import from XL Recordings and is out domestically on Beggars Banquet September 10.

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