Luces Exclusive Mix

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With two EP’s out in the last six months, the boys have been busy. Debut track "Habitual Ritual" is a big-room epic with an undercurrent of classic deep house, and disco vibes running throughout. Their latest, “Soak,” with it’s heavy synth and a deep bass sound. The tracks layers mesh together to form a danceable beat. Listening to it, you can hear both Plastic Plates and Amtrac’s presence in the track–each artist’s style is evenly balanced and highlighted. Everything we’ve heard from the duo has been spot-on, and their latest slice of doe-eyed experimentalism is no different.

Photo courtesy of Plastic Plates.


1. Luces - Geronimo
2. Tyco - Lauer
3. Jacob Korn - Old Man In Love
4. Plantlife - Losing Light
5. Doorly & Charlie Rope - My Thoughts Exactly
6. Sultan Shakes - Oud Ou Ray
7. Schatzi - Love Is In You
8. Tiago - The Good Times Are Killing Me (Track 1)
9. Doza - The Nautilus
10. Nebraska - Big Plate Chicken
11. Ultimate Man - Reveal





Stephanie Barbosa