Michael Brun Mix

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Haitian DJ Michael Brun has built his career by conscientiously bridging the gap between his country’s musical heritage and electronic music. Born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Brun grew up playing instruments, but something clicked when he found electronic music, and soon he was producing his own original tracks.

With his latest project, Lokal, he digs deeper into his Haitian roots to give a loving homage to his nation’s rich culture, reflected through the lens of his tropical-flavored production style. The LP mixes Brun’s brand of rhythmic electronic grooves with regional musical styles like Kompa and Rara for a truly global sound that spans the Afro-Caribbean diaspora. Lokal takes listeners on a sonic journey through Haiti’s contemporary music scene and features an international cast of collaborators, plus contributions from Major Lazer, and Arcade Fire members Win Butler and Régine Chassagne.

We are thrilled to welcome Brun to KCRW for an exclusive guest mix on Metropolis, where he invites us into his world.





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