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As a group, Polo & Pan’s sound emerges from of a love of South American music and cumbia, a form of dance popular in Colombia, as well as an affinity for French electronic music pioneer Air, among others. The duo create genuine currents of positivity in their music, which ultimately takes the shape of dreamy escapism tied into a superbly danceable beat.

And those positive vibes just
pour off Polo & Pan’s debut album, Caravelle, which was conceived as a voyage across blissful worldly destinations. The influence is clear in tracks like “Zoom Zoom”; listening, you’re tempted to close your eyes and find yourself on a beach on Ipanema in 1964, or deep in the Daintree Rainforests with “Bakara”. An album made for Sunday afternoons as much as Saturday nights, Caravelle is a gem. Polo & Pan have been crossing sold-out stages all over the globe, entrancing crowds in the USA, Mexico, Canada, as well as Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Lucky for us, Polo & Pan are due here in L.A. next week Friday, December 14th for a live sold-out show at The Fonda. We are thrilled to welcome them to KCRW for an exclusive guest mix set on Metropolis!

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Track List:

1. Eden Abhez - Myna Bird
2. Ennio Morricone - Cavallina a Cavallo
3. Antonin - Ça fait du bien (Polo & Pan remix)
4. Git - If you Just Make Love To Me
5. Lewis Of Man - Flash
6. Ohxala - Dona Cuica
7. Charlotte Gainsbourg - Deadly Valentine (Soulwax remix)
8. Yves Simon - Alice au Pays des Merveilles  (Psychemagik Edit)
9. Francis Bebey - Cofee Cola Song (Young Marco Remix)
10. La Bionda - I wanna be Your Lover
11. Polo & Pan - Dorothy
12. Umoja - Manicumbi
13. Polo & Pan - Bakara
14. Yusef Lateef - Jungle Fantasy
15. Polo & Pan - Nana
16. Les Baxter - The Ancient Galleon





Stephanie Barbosa