The Crystal Method Exclusive Mix

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After an artistic reboot, The Crystal  Method is now a solo act with originator  Scott Kirkland taking the helm. Fresh album The Trip Home, released September 28th, begins a new chapter for The Crystal Method, with a reminiscent tone that still pushes the boundaries of electronic music.

We are thrilled to welcome The Crystal Method to KCRW in celebration of the new album and upcoming live L.A. set: Oct. 19th at The Viaduct. Click here for tickets.



1. The Crystal Method - Ghost in the City (feat. Le Castle Vania & Amy Kirkpatrick)
2. Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now 
3. Sil - Dirty Windows (Chocolate Puma Remix) 
4. AIDY J - Lose Yourself 
5. Tyler Clacey & Khesis - I Want You 
6. The Crystal Method - Moment of Truth 
7. Daft Punk - The Grid (Remixed By The Crystal Method) Future Method Edit 
8. RYUKEN - I Need A Rhythm (Herve's Illegal Bass remix) 
9. Bombo Rosa - Rocinha 
10. DJ DEKLINE/ED SOLO - Wamp Wamp! 
11. D.O.D - Ghetto 
12. Otosan - Lights feat. Metoyer (Extended Mix) 
13. The Crystal Method - Cabin Pressure (feat. Matt Lange & Justin Chancellor) 
14. Roska - Memories (feat Ruby Goe) PN 
15. Basement Freaks - Soul Intoxicatio (Lonely Boy's Detox Dub 
16. The Crystal Method - Busy Child (Radio Edit) 
17. The Crystal Method - Busy Child (AXIOMATIC Remix) 
18. The Crystal Method - The Drive Inside 
19. The Crystal Method - Chapter One (feat. Teflon Sega)





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