Anna Wise: KCRW Guest DJ set

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Reunited and it feels so good, Novena Carmel, Anna Wise, and Anthony Valadez never skip a beat. Photo by Malorie McCall.

Ultra-soothing songstress and producer Anna Wise has developed a reputation as a consummate collaborator. The Grammy winner has worked with all your faves (think: Kendrick Lamar, Sonnymoon, Nick Hakim). As a solo artist, Wise’s alt R&B-tinged work aims skyward across her new album Subtle Body Dawn, a record she says is about “embracing imperfection.” She draws inspiration from nature — ethereal, amorphous forces alongside the more grounded presence of trees and rocks all find their way into her compositions. 

True to her earth mother persona, she showed up for her KCRW Guest DJ set in a billowing white dress, smelling of what she refers to as her “grounding spray.” Her song selections are grand yet meditative, calming yet cosmically minded, ranging from the ambient jazz of Pharoah Sanders to what she describes as “the Kid Cudi-esque” chants of Brainwave Sync. Her conversation with Novena Carmel and Anthony Valadez follows suit. The longtime confidants reunite in their common bond to share music with a purpose. 

“We’ve always gravitated towards her honest, sincere, and organic sense of self and sound,” says Valadez.  

Gravitate into their serene orbit as Wise reveals her favorite music to drive to, her kid’s musical quirk, and the classical bop that sparks a spontaneous duet with Anthony.

The Creator Has A Master Plan - Pharoah Sanders, Leon Thomas 
Drume Negrita - Bola de Nieve
Om Mani Padem Hum -  Brainwave Sync
Jealousy Blocks Your Blessings Every Time - Anna Wise





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