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The indie rock darling duo of Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno return with their third album of sunny odes to their beloved home state. Although there are elements of darkness lingering under the glossy, psychedelic sheen of some of Cosentino's songs, there is a consistent catchiness to the tunes for which even the most celebrated of songsmiths' would be jealous. Their major label debut points them in the right direction for even greater stardom, and we are excited to feature a live session with Best Coast recorded at the Red Bull Studios for KCRW.

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Audio Engineer -- Eric Stenman, James Musshorn
Editor -- Mario Diaz
Web Video -- Rob LaFond, Alex Pieros, Tim Hsiung, Sean Habibi
Lighting -- Three Phase Productions
Special thanks to Valerie Barrett, Kosta Elchev and everyone at Red Bull Studios

Photo: Jeremiah Garcia





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