Marlon Williams

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New Zealand native Marlon Williams created his sophomore album Make Way For Love in the wake of a break up (with fellow musician Aldous Harding, who actually duets with him on one of the songs!). His otherwordly voice is timeless and has earned him comparisons to Roy Orbison. His songwriting has reached new levels on his recent work and he visits our studio a few days in advance of the release of his album.

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Marlon Williams with Jason Bentley

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Images of Marlon Williams by Larry Hirshowitz





Rachel Reynolds

Marlon Williams – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Ben Woolley – Bass, Vocals
Dave Khan – Keys, Guitar, Violin, Vocals
Gus Agars – Drums

Technical support:
Mario Diaz – Recording Engineer
Paul Dreux Smith – Recording Engineer sub/trainee
Eric Drachman – Sound Intern
Alex Pieros, Pat Jewett, Michael Verdin, Patricia Varas - Web Video Producers