MBE Podcast: Diego Garcia, Grizfolk and Willy Mason

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Welcome to the first episode of the Morning Becomes Eclectic Podcast for 2014! In this episode you’ll find three recent performances by a collection of talented young artists that we’re really excited about.

We'll start off with a local band who not only played live in studio for us, but they also helped KCRW celebrate Halloween in style when they performed for our annual Masquerade Ball dressed as the cast of A Clockwork Orange. We say Grizfolk are local but some of its members are from different parts of the U.S. and Sweden.

Next up we feature the young Willy Mason, whose soulful voice and folk inspired songs have equal parts old-fashioned Americana and modern pop. He was recently in studio in support of his third studio album, Carry On.

Finally we hear from Diego Garcia. The soulful singer with Argentinian-American roots had previously written songs that were more somber and reflective but now finds himself on the sunnier side of the street with brighter pop songs. He was in studio recently performing songs off of his latest album Paradise.

Every two weeks, the Morning Becomes Eclectic podcast features highlights from recent in studio sessions that took place right here at KCRW.


  1. Hymnals / Grizfolk
  2. The Barrens / Grizfolk
  3. Vagabonds / Grizfolk
  4. The Struggle / Grizfolk
  5. Restless Fugitive / Willy Mason
  6. Talk Me Down / Willy Mason
  7. Pickup Truck / Willy Mason
  8. Carry On / Willy Mason
  9. Sunnier Days / Diego Garcia
  10. Donde Estás / Diego Garcia
  11. Darling Please / Diego Garcia





Ariana Morgenstern