MBE Podcast: Sleepy Sun & GRiZ

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In this episode we’ll highlight two live sessions from recent in studio guests starting with the psychedelic sounds from San Francisco’s Sleepy Sun and finishing with highlights from Detroit’s future funk and electro soul pioneer GRiZ.

Sleepy Sun was formed while the core members were still in school together at UC Santa Cruz. Since 2010, they’ve toured with bands like the Arctic Monkeys and they were recently in studio supporting their fourth studio album, Maui Tears.

Up next, we feature Detroit based DJ and Producer GRiZ. MBE host Jason Bentley caught him a few years ago on HARD’s Holy Ship and, though he was armed with only a laptop and a saxophone, the 23 year-old tore the roof off of the cruise ship. Recently, he brought that same energy to Morning Becomes Eclectic and we’ll share a few selections from that performance.


  1. Maui Tears / Sleepy Sun
  2. Outside / Sleepy Sun
  3. Galaxy Punk / Sleepy Sun
  4. Sandstorm Woman / Sleepy Sun
  5. 11:32 / Sleepy Sun
  6. A Fine Way To Die / GRiZ
  7. Fall In Love Too Fast / GRiZ
  8. You Got To Change / GRiZ
  9. Dance With Me / GRiZ
  10. Hard Times / GRiZ

Banner Image: Sleepy Sun; Credit: Rob LaFond





Ariana Morgenstern