MBE Podcast: Warpaint & Hozier

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On this week's edition of the MBE podcast, we'll feature two full-length sessions from some of KCRW's recent favorites: Los Angeles' own Warpaint and Irish singer Hozier.

We'll start out with the all-female quartet, Warpaint, who were recently in studio to help promote their self-titled sophomore release which they wrote and recorded during a stay out in the high desert of Joshua Tree, California. A bold step forward, it is the perfect blend of indie rock and buzzy-psychedelia.

Up next is Irish singer Hozier, who really caught our attention with the song “Take Me To Church."

This emotional and politically charged ballad has been in heavy rotation here at KCRW and while he definitely delivered during his MBE set, it was his more blues focused songs that harkened back to the era of Delta Blues that really stole the show.


  1. Love Is To Die / Warpaint
  2. Biggy / Warpaint
  3. Hi / Warpaint
  4. Keep It Healthy / Warpaint
  5. No Way Out / Warpaint
  6. Disco//Very / Warpaint
  7. From Eden / Hozier
  8. Like Real People Do / Hozier
  9. Work Song / Hozier
  10. Take Me To Church / Hozier
  11. Cherry Wine / Hozier
  12. Angel of Small Death / Hozier
  13. To Be Alone / Hozier

Banner Image: Warpaint; Credit: Larry Hirshowitz





Ariana Morgenstern