MBE Aug. 4: This Ain’t No Picnic tix, and more to make your spirits soar

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Picture yourself in Pasadena, at the Rose Bowl, bopping along to Wet Leg, Phoebe Bridgers, and so many more for the first ever installment of This Ain’t No Picnic. Actually, all you need to do to bliss out to those two is slip on the headphones for today’s MBE. In addition to Bridgers, and Wet Leg, we’ll keep your spirits soaring with George Clinton (and Junie Morrison), The Jack Moves, and LA-duo Midnight Sister.

Now, if you are still picturing yourself basking in the early-aughts-scene-kid meets E-Girl dream date of This Ain’t No Picnic, you’re in luck. We’re giving away 5 pairs of weekend passes, so get yourself in the running.





Anna Chang