Morning Becomes Eclectic playlist, November 6, 2023

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Rozi Plain and her merry band of intricate song crafters make their US radio debut in KCRW’s Annenberg Performance Studio. Photo by Larry Hirshowitz.

DIY-ethos and community spirit radiate from London alt-folk artist Rozi Plain. Using the electric guitar she built for herself during her university mandated work experience program at a guitar shop, Plain crafts songs to lull you in with their delicacy, and keep you hooked with their subtle layers of complexity. Minimally produced, and featuring intricate instrumentation with a feather-light touch (and plentiful jazz chords), the music presented on her 5th studio album Prize invites you immediately onto its wavelength. 

Plain’s musical development from open-mic nights as a teenager in her hometown of Winchester, to her present day involvement with London recording studio/venue/cultural hub for the city’s emergent jazz vanguard — Total Refreshment Centre — cement her bonafides as a consummate collaborator. A constant through all of this (teen years included) has been her friendship with Kate Stables (This Is The Kit), the two even play in each other’s bands which you can catch for yourself as both acts take the stage at KCRW Presents: School Night tonight (Monday, Nov. 6)

And gear up for this outing by revisiting Rozi Plain’s US radio debut, an intimate and laidback set for MBE. It’s just the thing we all need to gently guide us into the new work week. The session is in the third hour of the show, beginning at 02:07:12 when you click the player button to your left. 

Set List
Spot 13
Silent Fan
Agreeing For Two 

Band Credits
Rozi Plain – vocals & guitar + sampler 
Kate Stables – bass & backing vocals 
Lucien Chatin – drums 
Michael Hilger – keyboards
Jordan Blackman – guitar





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