Morning Becomes Eclectic playlist, September 19, 2023

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St. Panther is the moment. The OC-raised, LA-based singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, burgeoning entrepreneur (we could list their superlatives for days) joins us for a proper hang. Did you know that Drake collaborated with Peter Bjorn & John? And why does Amy Winehouse’s acoustic take on “Valerie” hit so much harder than the studio version? These answers and more are revealed as St. Panther takes the MBE Guest DJ reins. We’re still waiting for their debut LP to drop, but in the meantime, catch them playing as part of KCRW’s Fall ‘23 partnership with School Night in early October, and headlining The Moroccan Lounge on Oct. 4.

Plus, Ralphie Choo’s new LP SUPERNOVA sounds like what might happen if Danny Elfman tapped Rosalía for a collab, and we anxiously await the Oct. 13 release date of Jamila Woods’ Water Made Us





Anna Chang