Nick Waterhouse

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Nick Waterhouse. Photo by Dustin Downing.

As a child, Nick Waterhouse studied the trumpet, but when he was 13 he picked up the guitar and well, the rest is history. His self-titled fourth album has him "telling the strongest story about my own motives and perspectives." He packed the room at Apogee studio last month and we share highlights from the session with host Anne Litt.

Images of Nick Waterhouse by Dustin Downing.





Anne Litt


Mary Chellamy

Nick Waterhouse - Guitar / Lead Vocals
Andres Renteria - Percussion
Brian Lang - Bass
Eric Jackowitz - Drums
John Anderson - Electric Guitar
Drew Erickson - Piano
Carol Hatchett - Backing Vocals
Roberta Freeman - Backing Vocals
Mike Rocha - Trumpet
Ron Dzuibla - Baritone Sax
Mando Dorame - Tenor Sax

Session credits: 
Special thanks to our incredible hosts Betty Bennett & Bob Clearmountain The evening was mixed by Bob Clearmountain and recorded by Sergio Ruelas with assistance from Brandon Duncan. Thanks also to Future Lighting and Vincent Sanchez for lighting.
Andrew Weilert - Video Director (KCRW)
Pat Jewett - Director of Photography (KCRW)
Tal Day - Camera Operator (KCRW)