Parquet Courts

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Super producer Danger Mouse actively reached out to New York rockers Parquet Courts about working on their latest album Wide Awake! The combination of his pop sensibilities with their punk and funk instincts made for a fierce and fun collection of danceable rock music. We can’t wait to see it live.

Parquet Court and Jason Bentley at KCRW

Parquet Court and KCRW's chorus Rachel Gertz,
Tyler Hale, Rosalie Atkinson, and Kenny Field.

Images of Parquet Court by Jessica Hanley.





Rachel Reynolds

Andrew Savage – Vocals, Guitar, Omnichord
Austin Brown – Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Sean Yeaton – Bass, Backing Vocals
Max Savage – Drums, Backing Vocals
Rachel Gertz, Tyler Hale, Rosalie Atkinson, Kenny Field - Chorus

Technical support:
JC Swiatek – Recording Engineer
Chad McGillivray – Band Engineer
Kenny Field – Sound Intern